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  • Black and white showroom kitchen
  • Woodgrain showroom kitchen with multipul wood options
  • Showroom kitchen with bowl of fruit on the table
  • Dark stained wood showroom kitchen stove
  • Large bright white and black showroom kitchen
  • Corner wooden table in showroom kitchen
  • Bright white showroom kitchen table
  • Tan and blue showroom kitchen countertops

Your Home
Deserves the Best

In Design, Quality & Service

Your Home
Deserves the Best

In Design, Quality & Service

East Coast Kitchen & Bath has over 100 years combined experience designing and selling cabinets, countertops, and sinks.

We serve contractors, builders, and multi-housing professionals, as well as homeowners in Southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware. We offer a full spectrum of quality products— from entry to custom and everything in between. Our staff of highly talented designers will help guide you in your quest for the space that suits you perfectly.

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Are you a: Contractor? Builder? Designer?

Looking for the perfect partner? We are an extension of your business to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for. We make it easy for them—and for you.

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We focus on making the building and remodeling process easy for you and your customers. Our experienced designers can guide your customers through the process of product selection, planning and designing for their perfect space. When selections are made and ordered, we work with you to ensure satisfaction is met through delivery and beyond. We understand that the relationships with your customers matter and are here to be an extension of your business. Want to learn more? We’d be happy to talk.

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